Keeping Warm!

As we move from Autumn across to Winter – we are all noticing that drop in temperature, and some of us are just starting to think about how to keep our homes warmer, and what type of heating suits best. There are several options, and if you choose the correct heating method, you can also minimise heating bills, as we are all aware of the rising cost of electricity!

Below is a list of the most common heating solutions (outside of fireplaces):

Ducted Heating – using a reverse cycle air-conditioner is one of Australia’s most popular forms of heating. However, it can be expensive and inefficient if it heats rooms that are unoccupied, particularly if you don’t have solar power. Some of the more advanced units give you the option via an electronic panel to select the level of heating for each room or to select just one particular area. Make sure if you are using your reverse cycle air-conditioner for heating you are using it efficiently.

Split-Systems – these are similar to ducted heating, offering reverse-cycle units situated indoors for cooling or heating. Models can be found for electric, gas, and solar power. They’re generally regarded as good value compared with the more expensive ducted systems.

Space Heaters – these are convenient but thirsty on gas. If you regularly use this type of heater, make sure the room is well ventilated; some models do say they don’t need ventilation, but they expel gas into the room, and it can get quite uncomfortable.

Hydronic Heating – just as it sounds, this heating method uses hot water. The water is pumped through pipes installed in the floor slab when building or undertaking significant renovation. Hydronic heating is super-efficient and will dramatically cut heating costs. It is an excellent option for those building a home, particularly fabulous under the bathroom floor.

Passive Heating – this is also a longer-term option. Its design requires windows positioned to allow the sun to enter and warm the home, while superior insulation retains the captured heat. The key is to ensure all doors and windows are sealed to retain the warmth.

If all else fails – one of the cheapest and most eco-friendly ways of staying warm, is to rug up! Put on your dressing gown, beanie, slippers – throw an extra blanket on the bed.

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