Feng Shui…Balance & Harmony in Your Home

Published On October 17, 2019
Published By Karine Wright

Increasingly we are reading and hearing more and more about ‘Feng Shui’ particularly in the home and office.  Some buyers place great value on a home’s Feng Shui when seeking to purchase, so it is certainly something to be aware of and take on board if possible.

Firstly, what is Feng Shui?  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice focused on balancing and harmonising the energies in your home; aligning the energy of your environment to reflect your emotional self.  There are five basic elements: water, metal, fire, wood, and earth.

When it comes to your home the Feng Shui ‘trinity’ – your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen hold the utmost importance for your health and wellbeing.

There are many ways of enhancing the Feng Shui in your home, and myriads of information online.  Some of the simple ways include:

The above are just a few of many ways you can create positive Feng Shui in your home and inject harmony and balance into your life.  Are you feeling calmer already?

Feng Shui…Balance & Harmony in Your Home