Apps to Help you Save Money!

Saving for a house deposit is certainly not easy, particularly in an environment of rising property prices and low wage growth; budgeting is a ‘must’ and there are various ways of doing this from the old-fashioned writing down a checklist or setting up a spreadsheet…and now there are also a number of apps available to assist you to save.

Quite a lot have emerged in recent years, and each adopt a different approach, and help us save money with just a few taps of our phone screen.  They are quite user friendly; you don’t have to be a technical mastermind to make use of them.  Below is a few we have become aware of.


This is a comprehensive money-saving app; from its capabilities to create a number of different savings goals in a single account, it also automatically deposits your space change in your savings account, directly debits a percentage of your pay to your savings account to cover bills and sends incoming transfers straight to your savings.

Other features include automatic categorisation and demystifying your spending, allowing you to set trackers on certain categories, sending you bill reminders and account balance updates; and at the end of the year, it sends you a report summarising your year in terms of spending and saving.


Flux assists with basic financial literacy – providing you with short videos and podcasts, and it overviews your credit health, helping you understand what your credit score means, and consolidating all your loan repayments in one place.  It offers easy-to-view price comparisons on financial products from savings accounts and credit cards, through to home loans and the stock market.


This is a great app for those who have trepidation about investing.  It’s a micro-investing app which automatically takes your ‘spare change’ and invests it into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, so you are investing without even trying.  The app also provides you with a recurring savings plan and lump sum investment options to amplify your returns.

86 400

86 400 is Australia’s first smart bank.  Whilst it offers many of the same features as the big banks, it doesn’t charge monthly account and international card payment fees, and gives you visibility of all your accounts in the one app, and sends you automatic predictions of your bills and subscriptions.  You can also withdraw and spend funds from your 86 400 instantly via a dedicated debit card or your smart wallet.

All the above are available to download at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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