The BRIGHT Side of Winter

Winter has formally arrived, and despite a mini record-breaking cold snap over a couple of nights in May; it has started off very mild.  Whilst some of us bemoan the arrival of winter, we are very lucky in Queensland, particularly along the coast, as our winters are generally rather glorious – dry clear sunny days and cool crisp nights…you always know it’s going to be a cold night when you see that pretty pink tinge in the sky at sunset.

With restrictions now eased further in regard to eating out and travel within Queensland; we now have more freedom to get out and about in our local communities and beyond and embrace the sunshine.

Winter is a great time to do outdoor exercise, as the decreased humidity is generally quite energising.  National Parks are open, and we have some spectacular ones on the Sunshine Coast, along the coastal strip and in the hinterland – pack a picnic and go for a hike, it’s a wonderful way to keep fit and healthy, and it’s free!

With cafes and restaurants now able to accommodate larger groups – it is also a lovely time of year to book a table alfresco and soak up the sunshine over lunch with lots of laughter, and maybe a wine or two.  Our hospitality industry has suffered a blow, so they will appreciate your support.

Another plus side to winter – is the fashion!  Ladies you can wear your boots, scarves, and coats, it is the ‘stylish’ season; make the most of it, you can layer up if it’s particularly cool, and remove layers when it warms up.

Regardless of how you feel about winter – it is here, it comes every year.  Get out there and embrace it, it truly is invigorating!

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