Taking the Angst Out of Packing!

Moving house can be an exciting time…new beginnings, a fresh start, a different location to explore.  However, one of the ‘down’ sides is packing!  “I just love packing when I relocate” said no-one ever!

Whilst there are professional removal companies who also offer packing services; many people choose to do this part of it themselves for various reasons, not just the cost saving involved.  When you pack yourself it is a good chance to declutter, you really think twice about some of these items that you are putting in the box…is there going to be a place, and a use for this in my new home?  It’s time to get ruthless.  Also, when you pack yourself you have the peace of mind that your treasured possessions have been packed carefully.

Below are a few tips to make the packing process a little less painful.

Use proper removal boxes – it will make your task easier, your items will be safer, and your move will be completed more quickly.

  • Use butchers paper…newspaper may leave ink marks.
  • Plan what you are putting in each box.
  • Cross tape the bottom and top of the box with professional moving tape.
  • Mark clearly on the tape, the contents of the box and the room it’s going to (e.g. “Glassware – Dining Room”).
  • Don’t overload or overflow boxes.
  • Don’t pack large boxes with books or heavy items as they become too heavy to move safely.
  • Protect your goods by layering the contents.
  • Place a good layer of screwed-up paper across the bottom of the box, and up the sides as high as the first row of items.
  • Form a layer of the heaviest items, individually wrapped in paper.   Make sure they fit snugly together so there will be no movement.
  • On top of this layer of wrapped items, place another layer of crushed paper, and again up the sides.
  • Continue layering the items wrapped in paper between layers of crushed paper, working up from the heavier items at the bottom, to the lighter, finer items on the top.
  • Finish flush to the top of the box with a final layer of crushed paper. All items should fit tightly to ensure there is no movement.

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