Selling in Cooler Months

Traditionally, the real estate market is widely acknowledged as having its busiest activity occur across the season of spring – warmer weather, blossoming flowers, heightened levels of optimism in general, along with the motivation of moving and being settled into a new property by Christmas.

However, when the market is as buoyant as it is right now, the onset of winter is unlikely to slow the momentum that has swept across the nation’s housing market; and in south-east Queensland we are particularly blessed with delightful mild winters that consistently offer us lashings of sunshine, so the cooler weather is not too much of a deterrent anyway.

In fact, southern visitors flock to our beaches in winter to warm up a little and are envious of our very moderate winters…so it can be a good time to sell, attracting the attention of buyers shivering through a bleak Melbourne winter, for example.

Domain senior research analyst Nicola Powell said the ‘unseasonably hot market could continue for the next six months as a record number of new home loan commitments pointed to ongoing buyer demand.’

Research has shown that people have saved a lot of money over the past 12 months (particularly with international travel completely off the table and limited/sporadic domestic travel), and they have more money to put towards a deposit or for a renovation of a property in need.

Homeowners are being informed about this record market constantly through various media outlets, and indeed their own observations in their local communities, noting how quickly property is selling and finding out what prices are being achieved.  It is certainly still very much a seller’s market and the onset of winter does not look like diminishing the heat.

If you are thinking of selling the timing could not be better.  Talk to us to find out what price we could secure for your property in this booming market.

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