Moving home? Here are some helpful tips

Moving home can be both an exciting and busy time and as such, it can be easy to miss some things on that ever-growing to-do list. Below are a few things to remember:

  1. Organize your Insurance

It is important to note that depending on your state’s regulations, you may need to organize your home insurance before the settlement date.

Taking out the proper insurance early ensures that one of your greatest assets, your home, is protected.

If you are renting, it is recommended that you look into contents insurance. This means loss or damage to your contents caused by an insurable event will be covered.

  1. Change your address

Even though we are now seeing most of our bills and bank statements sent via email, it is still important to check which people and services require your updated address. Things such as your voting registration and other government departments will need to be notified.

For your remaining mail, Australia post offers a redirect service that can be organized for three, six or twelve months. With your valid form of ID, you can apply for this service online.

  1. Transfer utilities 

Given enough time, most of your utilities can be organised over the phone or online.

Electricity can be switched off or on relatively quickly, just make sure your move out and move in dates are aligned. Before disconnecting your current address, ensure you account for your moving day. Your provider could disconnect you in the morning, meaning that for the rest of the day you are without power. You can register the date of disconnection the day after your moving day.

Internet can take longer as sometimes they need to set up a connection so be sure to research your internet options and arrange this at least a month in advance.

Have you heard of Connect Now? Instead of arranging your utilities with each individual provider, Connect Now can organised your moving needs for free. In one call they can arrange internet, electricity, gas and pay tv as they work with a range of trusted service providers to help make your move easier.

  1. Note down some measurements 

After weeks of packing and sourcing items for your new home, you go to move a piece of furniture in and pretty quickly you realise that it doesn’t even fit through the front door. The fridge then doesn’t fit, the couch is way too big for the space and you cant open your wardrobe doors because your bedframe is too chunky. How to avoid this? Measure everything!

Measure your items and the space to get a feel for the layout before move in day and assess doorways and hallways to ensure you have the right space for moving access.

  1. Change the locks 

To know exactly who has access to your home and for that extra security and peace of mind, change the locks. Even if your house is brand new, you do not know who has a spare key to your home. Previous owners or tenants, their family and friends, builders and real estate agents over the years – all of these extra keys that you are not aware of could be floating around.

It will be a clean slate and it’s not too expensive.

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