Make Your Spring Garden Shine!

Whether you are on a house block or have a small courtyard garden in a duplex or townhouse; spring is the season for planting and growth, and as the weather warms up and the sunshine sparkles just the little bit brighter – our gardens just love spring as much as we do!

One of the keys to a great spring garden is soil.  The more nutrient-rich the soil, the more your plants will thrive. Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your garden – replenish beds, pots, and planters with a number of soil conditioners and a little extra mulch; it will thank you in return.  Healthy soil = healthy plants and homegrown produce.

If you are working with pots – ensure there is adequate drainage and good soil aeration, and top up with premium potting mix, or add compost or worm castings for extra beneficial bacterial, microbes and fungi; living soil organisms are what makes a soil ‘liveable’ for your plants.  Then apply a suitable fertiliser if this has not been done in the past six months.  Remember to repot any plants that are outgrowing their pot size.

If working with planter boxes, once again drainage is important, and ensure you fill with garden soil at depths below four centimetres.  Then the remaining centimetres to the top can be a premium potting mix or planter box mix.  Sprinkle homemade compost on top, if you have it, and a light mulch to prevent the sun baking the surface potting mix, making it water repellent over time.

When working with garden beds, position is paramount.  An edible garden in full sun is ideal, or in a position that receives at least six hours of sun per day.  A raised bed is good for access and bringing new, clean soil in. When doing a spring top-up of your beds, check the pH of your soil, add organic matter, and top with about two centimetres of sugar cane mulch.

All of the above mentioned products are sold bagged at your local nursery, and talk to the staff there for advice, as with some of these products – what you pay for is what you get, so it can often be better to spend a few more dollars for a higher quality product to give your garden the very best chance of shining this spring.

Happy planting.

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