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Applying for a rental can be quite stressful, especially if competing with many other applicants for the same property, as is often the case, particularly in lifestyle-driven areas such as the Sunshine Coast.  Like anything you are competing for, you need to ensure your application stands out from the crowd, for all the RIGHT reasons, not the wrong ones.

Below are a few helpful tips when submitting your application.  They may sound like common sense, but an astounding amount of applications fall down in one or more of these areas.

  • Complete the Application in full – it’s estimated industry-wide that approximately 30% of applications submitted are incomplete;
  • Provide all the paperwork required in a timely manner – delays or excuses never usually end well;
  • If you own a pet – provide a pet reference from a previous property owner/agent demonstrating that you are a responsible pet owner;
  • Ensure your personal presentation is neat and tidy when you attend the ‘open home’ – we all know first impressions count, and rightly or wrongly there will be an assumption made on your attitude to cleanliness based on your appearance and demeanour;
  • Express your interest (if that’s the case) but don’t be pushy;
  • Be truthful, most property managers will do fairly thorough research, and any type of lie or economy of truth will rule you out not only for this property, but future ones with the same agency;
  • Follow up post-inspection but once again, don’t be pushy, and if you do miss out and had your heart set on it, it may be worth asking the property manager for some feedback – this may help you with future applications.

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