Home Ownership: The Benefits

The benefits of buying your own home are considerable, and not just limited to the future financial capital gain associated with home ownership; there are other reasons to purchase a home that make the sacrifices and huge monetary commitment worthwhile.

Emotional Satisfaction & Security: having a home creates a feeling of belonging; a place where you and your family are always welcome, it’s your domain and you are in control of how it looks and what the future holds. The feeling of paying off your own home, as opposed to paying off someone else’s, also provides great satisfaction and pride. You don’t feel like its dead money, it’s an investment, and generally a rock-solid one at that.
A Base for your Family: your home is the foundation of the family unit; as your children grow and even leave the nest, their family home is always a place of comfort, a place they’ll always think of as ‘home’. It anchors the family’s togetherness.
Your Sanctuary: your home is your ‘castle’ – it’s where you feel safe, it’s where you create memories; it’s where you cry, laugh, socialise, raise children and pets, put up your Christmas Tree, recover in bed when ill, return to after travelling…there’s nothing like coming home and unlocking the door after a long day at work or a trip away. Nothing beats home.
Financial Prosperity: last but hardly least; your home is an investment in your future. Despite what happens to the market, long-term property has proven a safe and secure investment that appreciates quite significantly over time.

Finally, we all need somewhere to live, and there is a cost to putting a roof over our heads – buying your own home, gives you much greater control over the destiny of you and your family.

Welcome home.

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