Christmas Tree Trends

When it comes to the festive season are you sick of the sight of an overstuffed, over-adorned home full of kitsch and outdated clutter? You’re not alone.

More and more people are seeking out minimalist versions of the traditional Christmas tree, and you might be surprised to learn it’s one of the top five searches on Google when it comes to home Christmas styling.

And it’s not just those with limited space that are looking for more streamlined versions of the traditional tree.   With an increased emphasis on ethical consumption, limiting waste, and a trend towards making fewer mindless purchases and supporting more hand-made and local businesses; it’s no wonder that Christmas tree trends are changing.

By sticking to a simple tree with a limited colour palette it’s not only a stylish choice, but it also increases opportunities to re-use decorations throughout the year, not just during the festive season. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Snow-Tipped Look

Getting a Christmas tree with snow-sprayed tips is the key to keeping the festive wow-factor without over-stuffing your tree with tinsel.   The tree does all the work in this minimal look, so you only have to select no more than three decoration types to adorn sparingly.  This is the closest to the traditional look.

Natural Look

We love to bring the outdoors in, so rocking a tree you got straight from the ground outside is literally the way to do it. So Aussie, so Summer Bay, so Alf Stewart.

The key here is to throw all the traditional Christmas decorations out the window.  Pick a few key accessories made from paper and hang them willy-nilly.

Let the lights do the work

It doesn’t get more minimal than abandoning decorations altogether.  With a decoration-free Christmas tree, the lights do all the work. No baubles, no tinsel, no bells and whistles.  The key to ensuring this look doesn’t feel unfinished is to focus on the gifts underneath.

Keep the wrapping paper colour-palette fairly neutral and then add interest and detail through the patterned ribbon. Undeniably charming.

Wooden & Minimalist

If you’re a bit of a Scandiphile this minimal wooden Christmas tree is ideal. It’s very Nordic-inspired in look and feel, and the decorations are kept wooden yet colourful.  Think Ikea, think

Embrace pastel tones against this natural backdrop and you’ll be onto a winner.

Avoid bold colours, avoid over-decorating. A few carefully placed baubles on the end of the branches and a pop of light somewhere is all this look needs.

Coastal Vibe

Living by the beach? Nothing will interrupt that soothing vibe quite like a loud Christmas tree.

Ditch the very notion of a tree on the floor and embrace this alternative idea; a wonderfully coastal and yet completely minimal wall-hung timber tree.   Adorn this beauty with decorations inspired by the beach; both in colour palette and materials.

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