5 Things Buyers Seeking in a Lockdown Environment

Since 2020, we have all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’ based around the COVID19 pandemic, which has disrupted and adjusted the way we live, do business, and even think.  Until the majority of the country is vaccinated, it appears that we will be living with snap lockdowns and restrictions; this ongoing saga is shaping what buyers (and renters) are seeking in a property.

This may (or may not) eventually change when things return to normal, but there is a growing feeling, that the change in our psyche will continue to drive demand for properties that meet the following criteria:

  1. More Space – a home is not just somewhere to sleep and eat anymore for people leading busy working lives, it is now increasingly somewhere that we are spending a lot of time, sometimes we are there 24/7, and no-one likes to feel hemmed in; more space means more freedom, more light, increased privacy for individual family members. No-one wants to be quarantined in a hotel for obvious reasons, when forced to stay home, the bigger the better.
  2. More Flexibility – floor plans and design have always been important, but even more so now people are looking for a layout that provides not only good separation of living, but versatile options, the capacity to adapt space for other uses, for example, a home office, or a games room.
  3. Home Office/Study – realestate.com.au reports that a home office is now the must-have for many home buyers, with ‘study’ the keyword that has grown the most in popularity when it comes to buyers looking for houses since the pandemic got into full swing.
  4. Outdoor Space – for the same reason that indoor space is important, so is some type of courtyard or garden/outdoor area, it’s all about fresh air, enhanced freedom, and not feeling confined. We may not be able to lie on the beach, but we can soak up some Vitamin D in the backyard with a good book as we listen to Spotify.  A decent sized garden is an extension of the home, more space to spend time when we are in lockdown.
  5. Good Neighbours – if you didn’t already know your neighbours before the pandemic, you probably know them now. All over Australia people were having fence and driveway parties; for people living on their own, the sense of isolation was exacerbated by lockdown, and having a friendly face to wave to over the fence is something that is now valued at heightened levels.

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